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Hand Soap All Purpose (Foam)

Is a natural hand cleanser with a pleasant fragrence.

It is a thin Gently Perfumed, High Foaming soap.

It is a Phosphate free and Biodegradeable product.

This product effectively cleans all types of hands and skins.

It restores normal PH of skin with Emollient that sooth and soften dry and itchy skin.


Kids Hand Sanitiser

Soap and water is the best method for controlling germs, but access to soap and water are not always easily available.

So for a effective solution, to keep the germs away for school kids we have made KIDS HYGIENE which is easy to use and can reduce the transmission infection rate of Gastrointestinal and Respiratory related illnesses, which will reduce absenteeism in school children.

No WATER or SOAP is required.

Simply rub the product into the palm of the hand and around the fingers and within 20 seconds the product will dry automatically and leave your childs skin nice and smooth.

This KIDS HYGIENE (foam) is the FRIENDLIEST and SOFTEST of all Hygiene Anti Bacterial products.
It is specially designed for the most delicate hands of growing children.

Has a refreshing BUBBLE GUM smell which give children the thrill to get there hands clean.

This product does not have:

  • SLES
  • Triclosan
  • Triclocarbon
  • Chloroxylenol

Soap or any harsh chemicals, and as a result this product will always leave your skin feeling SOFT.

This product is Biodegradable.

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