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Perfect Hygiene Solutions can supply a range of Foaming Hand Soaps suitable for delicate hands.

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A Complete Range of High Quality HYGIENE PRODUCTS for a Wide Range of Industries

Hand Soaps and Sanitisers

Hand Soaps and Sanitisers

Wide range of had soaps
and hand sanitisers
Paper Hand Towel

Paper Hand Towel

A full range of
paper hand towels
and dispensers
Laboratory / Microbial / Decontamination

Laboratory / Microbial / Decontamination

Specialty Laboratory
Cleaning Hygiene & Sanitising
Air Fresheners

Air Fresheners

Various high quality
air freshener fragrances
and dispensers
Hand Soap Dispensers

Hand Soap Dispensers

Hand Soap and
Hand Sanitiser Dispensers
to meet all needs
Toilet Paper

Toilet Paper

Large range of high quality
toilet paper products and
toilet paper dispensers
Other Disposables

Other Disposables

A large range of
disposable products from
gloves to garbage bags
Bathroom Hygiene Products

About Perfect Hygiene Solutions

We are the manufacturer and supplier of quality hygiene products into a wide range of industries including Restaurants, Licensed Clubs, Caterers, Aged Care Homes and Hospitals, throughout Sydney.

We have the widest range of specialty hand soaps and hand sanitisers on the market as well as a variety of purpose built dispensers to meet our customers various needs.

Perfect Hygiene provide a complete solution from installation to service and maintenance of our dispensers.

We can supply Australia nationwide through our network of distributers. 

Hand Soaps & Sanitisers

Perfect Hygiene Range of High Quality Hand Soaps

Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap (FOAM)

An effective, fragrance free mild antibacterial hand soap.

This unique product is gentle on the skin with anticeptic properties.

It is affective at removing soils, leaves no residue.

Hand Soap All Purpose (FOAM)

An all purpose HAND SOAP with very pleasant fragrance.

It gently lifts the dirt from the skin whilst moisturising.

It is quickly rinsed and leaves no residue behind on the skin.

Antiseptic Hand Soap (FOAM)

To be used when cleansing and disinfecting is needed.

Kills greater than 99.9% of harmful bacteria in 15 seconds, as well as maintaining skin condition.


Hand Sanitiser (FOAM)

This HAND SANITISER is alcohol based, which is recomended by Australian Hand Hygiene Guidelines.

80% Ethanol based, this sanitiser works well against many viruses and bacteriathat spread infections like cold & flu.

Hand Shield Barrier Cream (FOAM)

A triple action cream that acts as a disinfectant, moisturiser and barrier cream.

Whilst also acting as a natural sanitising lotion with the goodness of Aloe Vera while it disinfects and protects your skin for up to 4 hours.

Hair and Body Wash (FOAM)

Fantastic for all styles of body washing in the shower.

Gently nlifting dirt from the skin and moisturising your body in the process.

Kids Hygiene (FOAM)

Formulated to keep the germs away for school kids we have made KIDS HYGIENE 

No WATER or SOAP is required.

Simply rub the product into the palm of the hand and around the fingers and within 20 seconds the product will dry automatically and leave your childs skin nice and smooth.


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